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雙星情歌 - 余榮輝 / Double Star Love Song - Wing Yee

This video is a celebration of images and song engaged in a dance of audio in motion.

雙星情歌 / Double Star Love Song
作家: 許冠傑 / Composer: Sam Hui
主唱: 余榮輝 / Vocals: Wing Yee

音頻 / Audio (Mixer & Track Icons): The FREE Cakewalk by Bandlab
視頻 / Video: Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013

Saint-Joseph’s Oratory of Mont-Royal is located at the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  This video is a brief documentary of my visit to this iconic landmark accompanied with my original song “Because of You”.  Though rarely mentioned, it houses one of the finest pipe organ ever built.

This video is about the performing artist and the song, it was made with just one picture, only a few transition effects were applied to support the image.  The audio is my English rendition of a timeless Japanese world renowned classic hit "Ue o Muite Arukō" from the 60's.
Original Artist: Kyu Sakamoto.
Writers: Rokusuke Ei, Hachidai Nakamura.

Audio: Remake of a 1960 pop classic ballad with a modern upbeat feel.  
Video: Various clips of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and surrounding areas.
Original Artist: Ray Peterson on RCA Records 1960.
Writers: Jeff Barry, Ben Raleigh.
Publisher: Edward B. Marks Music Company. 
Performed and Produced by Wing Yee.

Recorded on location at the Montreal Jazz Festival on July 4 and 6, 2013, except the freeway sequence was recorded on June 7, 2008.

Recorded on location in Montreal, New York, and Atlantic City.

​© Copyright 2019 Wing Yee SINGWITHWING.COM.  All Rights Reserved.

Audio: A modern approached remake of an 80's classic ballad with all of its original essence kept intact.
Video: Instead of the obvious beautiful woman in a red dress, various clips of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (a.k.a the Honeymoon Capital of the World) was used as background to support its romantic melody.
Words and Music by Chris de Burgh, Universal Music Group.  
Performed and Produced by Wing Yee.  

​Artist/Song/Recording Comparison Demo.