Spoil Yourself -------------------------- Rock-Pop              Excellent


I Think of You -------------------------- Ballad                   Excellent

Wing It (Guitars) ----------------------- Latin-Rock             Very Good

Tell Laura I Love Her  ---------------------- 2017               Excellent

Never Give Up ------------------------- Ballad                    Excellent

Victim of Love -------------------------- Acapella                Very Good

Can't See Myself ---------------------- Ballad                   Excellent

Can't Get You Off My Mind ------- Rock-Pop              Very Good

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​​​Audio and Lyrics

Always Remember ------------------ Ballad                   ​Good

Two Hearts Ain't Too Many ------- Rock-Pop               Very Good

Something About You -------------- Rock-Pop              Excellent

(In alphabet order)

Island Breeze -------------------------- Pop-Reggae          Excellent

You Make Me Crazy ----------------- Ballad                     Very Good

Because of You ----------------------- Rock-Pop              Good

To-Night To-Night -------------------- Med Rock              Good Guitars

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Sylvie -------------------------------------- Rock-Pop              Very Good

Lady in Red (Duet Version Remix) ---- 2017               Excellent


​Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist

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