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​​​​© Copyright 2024 Wing Yee SINGWITHWING.COM.  All Rights Reserved.

Elliott Randall (Steely Dan's premier guitarist of "Reeling In The Year" fame):
I find myself smiling while listening - a good thing! Especially like the carribe-reggae style:-)

Tomislav Zlatic (
The track sounds great, I'm impressed that you did it all with freeware for the most part. Great work! Thanks for sharing it!:)

Top 4 Songs (with Reviews when available)

An original love ballad with a dramatic feel.

Words and Music by Sam Hui (許冠傑).  Vocals recorded on June 3, 2024.

Words and Music by Wing Yee.
​Vocals updated on May 26, 2024.

Critiques by
Reviewer #132:
The music has just the right "Island" feel to it.  I feel this would make for a great Travel Agencies Commercial.  
Also sounds like it could be a Tropical drink add.. and even a Sun Tanning lotion, if there was one with this name.  
The commercial prospects are strong.  A very fun and pleasurable song.

Music Xray Submission
Jay Dmuchowski (APEX Productions) - Worked with Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber etc:
I love listening to your stuff! Its so fun. i dont think this works for our artist.
They are more rough around the edges. But this is Fun!!!!

Vocals and Piano.  Vocals: Recorded on February 28, 2024 (in one continuous take).

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