​Photos: Taken on June 25, 2023.
Vocals: Recorded on August 7, 2023.
Video: Published to YouTube on August 17, 2023.

Wing's latest challenge is a classic ballad by The Beatles.

​Vocals and Piano: Recorded on February 28, 2024 in one continuous take.

Vocals were recorded on the day of the solar eclipse April 8, 2024.

1978-79 Wing took advantage of his winning title and convinced Ricky Edwards CEO and Raymond Lavoie of C.R. Productions to be his booking agent. They booked Wing as a trial for a two-week engagement (with options to cancel or extend) at the La Ronde Amusement Park.

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2024 It's the year of the Dragon! 

​Wing continued to improve his singing skills as his inner energic tones begin to emerge.


​Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist

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And Wing's music journey continues...

As it turned out, Wing continued to performed there for 2 consecutive summers and has since remained with C.R. Productions (1979-2000).


Photos: Taken on September 5, 2023 at World Trade Center, Manhattan, New York, USA.
Vocals: Recorded on February 19, 2024.
Video: Created on February 24, 2024.


During the same time, Jean Simon introduced Wing to a local management firm owned by Ben Kaye. He was the manager of Corey Hart, Patsy Gallant, Michel Pagliaro (just to name a few).

Ben immediately signed Wing as his manager and recorded one of Wing's compositions entitled: "Where Would I Be?".

1980-81 One of Ben’s close friends discovered a little girl with an exceptional voice, and her name was...

Celine Dion.


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Ben revealed to Wing that he was Rene Angelil's mentor and manager of Rene's group Les Baronets back in 1961.

To this very day, only a hand full of people knew that Ben was the mastermind behind the early success of Celine Dion's career as Wing witnessed the events unfold first-hand.

1982 Ben, Rene, and Celine participated in the Yamaha Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan.  Apparently, their historic journey was published without any credit to Ben.

1983 Ben wanted to return to Tokyo, this time with Wing.

But unfortunately, without any training or experience Wing failed while his Rhinitis symptoms continued to cave in on him.

1984 the 5-year management contract between Ben and Wing was about to end.
They mutually agreed to discontinue their contract so Ben could focus on Celine Dion's career.

Ben eventually became Celine's international consultant and was responsible for all her contracts (including her three-year stint at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas).

Ben retired shortly after the success of "My Heart Will Go On" and died of cancer at the age of 68 in 2007.

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Meanwhile, Wing moved on to pursue a successful solo career in the bar/restaurant circuit until 2004 (despite his daily struggle with Rhinitis).


As we all know, beginning the mid 90s the internet and cellphones has begun to dominate our modern world. The 1999 party Prince was singing about was pretty much the last party for the music industry.

2000-2004 Making a living with just playing music was a thing of the past. Wing began to make his transition to work odd jobs while still writing his own music in between.

Eventually Wing got married and had 2 children, while being a responsible parent Wing's music was often left unfinished...

2018-2020 Wing's children are now finishing high school, and Wing has since written and recorded a dozen or so new songs. It should have been a good time for Wing to put his music into perspective but his problems with Rhinitis persist.

Then on July 19, 2021 both Wing’s ears were completely blocked. Wing visited an ENT clinic for cleaning, and they introduced Wing to a new modern product that didn’t exist 40 years ago: Hydra Sense Nasal Care. Though it's not a cure but Wing can now control when to unblock his nasal passages.

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2022 Wing's Rhinitis symptoms have gradually diminished.

2023 Wing's health and music are beginning to take shape.

This is how Wing looks and sounds like as of the summer of 2023.

                                                                             Wing Yee (余榮輝),

Born September 12, 1955 in Guangzhou, China. He also had a brother who was two years older.

At the age of 2 his parents moved to Hong Kong where Wing was educated in Chinese until grade 6.

1965 his family received the approval to immigrate to Canada.

October 1966 Wing arrived in the city of Vancouver, Canada where he saw snow for the first time and experienced the first RCA color TV.

Five months later his parents decided to re-locate to Montreal because they believed there will be more jobs available due to the upcoming 1967 World’s Fair.

February 1967 Wing’s parents boarded everyone on a cross-country train ride from Vancouver to Montreal, where they witnessed the most unforgettable magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains.

Without any knowledge of English or French, Wing's parents had to work long hours within the Chinese community to make ends meet while Wing was often left alone at home after school.

It was during this time frame Wing learned about the events of its day: The Apollo moon landing and of course Beatlemania. And Wing soon discovered that he can sing 70% of the Beatles songs effortlessly.

Sadly in 1970 Wing's father passed away. Without any motivations, hopes or support Wing quit school and was diagnosed with Rhinitis (Hay Fever) which will haunt him for the rest of his life.


Halloween 1970 Wing decided to buy a small guitar pretending to be Tiny Tim and went out alone for a treat. As he entered a grocery store on Milton Street (Montreal) a stranger asked Wing if he can play that guitar. Wing modestly replied: No, but I can sing a Beatles song. He sang "Hey Jude" in front of everyone and the stranger was so impressed he gave Wing $1.50 ($50 or more in today's money). 

Ever since that Halloween night Wing realized that he could make something out of his singing. 

Between 1971-76 Wing joined a few unsuccessful local bands and formed a duo of which he’d much rather forget. 


1977 was the height of the Disco era when the Bee Gees literally took over the air waves, Wing participated

in a local singing contest hosted by                            click for more info.

But much to Wing's surprise he won the first prize for the 1977-78 season at the Cafe Provincial.